The SAT is one daunting test: four hours of Math and English, four hours that could change your college applications. Through Capstone Academy’s SAT preparation program, students are able to gain tips, tricks, concepts, and the confidence to master and perfect this test. Students will take complete practice exams weekly under standard test-taking situations in order to achieve their SAT goals. Together, with our proven score-boosting teachers, students will strive to conquer the different sections of the SAT: Reading, Writing, and Math. So, come and experience the SAT with us!

The ACT. A three hour test that tests your ability of time management and quick-thinking reflexes. A test that requires even the best students to think quickly and correctly for every question. Through Capstone Academy, students will practice taking a full-length ACT test, review with renowned teachers, socialize and correct with peers. Students will experience how to take and answer correctly the English, Math, Reading, and Science sections of the ACT. Learn the ACT from us and join the long list of ACT score-boosted individuals.