Bryant Chung

Sunny Hills High


My experience at Capstone Academy was more personal than at any other institute. The teachers paid attention to what I needed, and which subjects I struggled in. All of the instructors are sincere and knowledgeable.

Paul Chung

(Sunny Hills High)

UCLA (Molecular Biology), Vanderbilt

Capstone Academy was the turning point for me in my high school career. The staff is so flexible that when I needed last minute help for tests or essays, there was always a teacher or a group of them to help me. The teachers are meticulous, caring, and are always there to be productive and helpful. The managing staff is friendly, though strict (quite necessary), but always trying to help the students. I was scoring a high 2200 on the SAT but wasn’t quite on the brink of overcoming that 2300 mountain mark. Through rigorous error-reduction and point-focused trainings, Capstone Academy was able to help me hit numerous perfect scores on practice tests and eventually score a 2350. SAT IIs and APs were both much easier for me because of the help from this institution. I had a great time here and would highly recommend it to anyone in the future.


Hwante Yeo

Eastside Christian

John’s Hopkins ED (Math)

John Lee

My greatest academic success happened when I got a perfect score on a business calculus test and I got my name called out in class because it was the highest in the class. I had dropped business calculus the semester before because I was struggling so much. It was amazing to me the difference it made in the way .

Abraham Chung

(Sunny Hills school)

UCLA(Mechanical Engineering), Vanderbilt(Full Ride), Hamilton college, NYU(Full Ride), Boston College(Full Ride), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Life as a high school student is tough. First time dealing with overwhelming AP classes, and soon enough it’s your first (and hopefully last) time working through the dreaded college apps. Through the assistance of Capstone Academy—their detailed guidance, quality teachers, helpful service and staff—I was able to manage all of my classes, including APs, while achieving my ACT goal score of 35. As Capstone Academy always strives to get the best out of their students, I believe that this institution is the best one yet.


Kelvin Chung

(Sunny Hills)

Amherst, University of Notre Dame, UCLA, USC

I had the opportunity to receive college counseling from Capstone Academy.The counselor who guided me during the college admissions process helped me convey my strengths through my application; each university’s application was regarded individually, which allowed me to distinguish myself as a student unique from other applicants. It was an experience to which I definitely owe the successes I’ve had in my college admissions process.

Kaleb Song

(Beckman High 12th)

This place was definitely a critical aspect of my academic achievements in high school. In terms of SAT score, there was a pattern of steady growth, as it increased marginally after every practice test. However, the most important part was that the teachers and staff gave me the confidence to take the actual daunting exam, allowing me to get the score I wanted. This confidence came from countless practice tests, exam reviews, and lectures, all of which were administered by caring mentors who only wished for my success. Even for my AP’s, I received the same attention as I did for the SAT. Whether it was through Skype or private tutoring, I was able to overcome my biggest hurdle of high school: AP Chemistry. I would recommend this academy to anyone seeking personalized care in any academic field.